Beckman Coulter Supplies, Parts and Accessories


Biomek NGeniuS

The Biomek NGeniuS Next Generation Library Prep System uses consumables and labware from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. Explore our tips, reaction vessel, plate, and more.



Experience more application flexibility with centrifuge buckets and adapters from Beckman Coulter. Reduce potential for contamination and achieve excellent endpoint results in less time with cell culture flask adapters.


Automated Lab Positioners

Designed to fit seamlessly onto the deck of any Biomek workstation, Automated Lab Positioners (ALPs ) perform a variety of application-specific tasks.



Cassettes hold different types and sizes of specimen collection tubes. Beckman Coulter cassettes are specifically designed for the AQUIOS CL system for use with the autoloader.



Labware for Beckman Coulter liquid handling instruments, tips and plates.



Shop Beckman Coulter Life Sciences for replacement O-rings.



Whether culturing individual cell lines or scaling up for high throughput screening, we've got a plate for your specific application. 



Store and transfer samples securely and rapidly.



From modular reservoirs that hold bulk reagents to active recirculating reservoirs, our product offerings have been designed to meet your workflow needs.



Biomek disposable tips from Beckman Coulter are the only tips designed, validated and approved for Biomek Liquid Handlers.


Tubes & Bottles

Tubes and bottles for every application. Choose from a wide variety of material types, formats and closure options to meet your processing requirements.