Blue-Red-Violet (B-R-V) Flow Cytometer Series

The CytoFLEX Blue-Red-Violet (B-R-V) Flow Cytometer Series has the capacity for 15 parameters, including 13 for fluorescence detection. The fully activated instrument includes five channels from the 488 nm (Blue) laser, three from the 638 nm (Red) laser, and five from the 405 nm (Violet) laser. Instruments with as few as four fluorescent channels activated are available with the ability to activate additional parameters as needed by purchasing an activation key.

  • Fixed integrated optics and quartz flow cell design enables portability
  • Avalanche Photodiode (APD) detectors provide unmatched red sensitivity and unique compensation workflow
  • Violet Side scatter (VSSC) optional configuration for nanoparticle resolution


Sample handling

  • Semi-automatic Single Tube Loading with 12 x 75 mm or 1.2 mL tubes
  • Optional plate loader for 96-well plates
  • Volumetric measurements with continuous flow
  • Fluidics provide continuous flow and volumetric measurements integrated into compact footprint


  • Novel Compensation Library: store fluorescent spillover values of dyes to easily determine the correct compensation matrix with new gain settings
  • Absolute linear gain amplification enables the use of compensation settings between experiments and sample types

CytExpert Software

  • Heat Map Visualization of Plate Data
  • An API (Application Programming Interface) is available and allows external software to perform operations such as running methods and for basic control of the plate loader.
  • Three different installation modes are available, depending on the level of security required.
    • Default
    • For multiuser instruments, the User Management installation requires user login and contains features for role management
    • Electronic Records Management installation provides tools that facilitate compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures.

Sensitivity and resolution

  • Detect particles >200 nm using VSSC
  • APD detectors provide exceptional sensitivity across the entire visible spectrum

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Product Specifications

Detection Photodiodes
Resolution <300 nm particles (488 nm side scatter), <80 nm polystyrene particles (405 nm side scatter), rCV 3%
Performance <30 MESF for FITC, <10 MESF for PE
Optics/Laser Power 405 nm solid state laser (80 mW), 488 nm solid state laser (50 mW), 638 nm solid state laser (50 mW)
Flow Cell Patent-pending, alignment-free integrated optics quartz flow cell (420 μm x 180 μm ID) design with >1.3 numerical aperture
Signal Processing Digital system with 7-decade display
Power Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz


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